240,000,000+ calls made to 911 last year 76% were from cell phones

Wireless is dominating landline  

Current generation location technology allows a 911 Call Center to identify a wireless caller to within 300 meters of their location.

That's accurate enough to place you anywhere inside the new Yankee Stadium.

64% of those cell calls were made from inside homes or buildings, where location accuracy deteriorates even further.

A 2013 Survey showed that 911 operators had a 10% chance of obtaining your accurate location in dense urban environments.

Urban environment

9 times out of 10, you will need to state where you actually are.

48 MILLION Americans are deaf
or hard of hearing.

7 MILLION Americans have
speech disabilities.

911 call centers
across the United States
Average Annual Fee per US Subscriber
for operating 911 platform

Simply improving location precision and identification is estimated to

Save 10,000 lives a year

Sources: FCC, NENA and Find Me 911 Coalition